What can I expect from a birth chart reading?

What is an astrological birth chart for? What information can I get with a natal birth chart interpretation? These are some of the questions one can ask when getting a birth chart analysis.


A birth chart shows the essence of a person represented in a kind of road map. In this map we find 12 houses, different scenarios in which we are going to find energies that are going to be activated.

What are these twelve big scenarios, the twelve astrological houses?

When we calculate the birth chart, we can see what type of personality someone has, how his economic resources and talents are, communication, family and home, creativity and pleasures, work, health, routine, relationships, what type of partner he/she is usually attracted to, sexuality, emotional crises, shared resources, travel, higher education, profession, social status, hopes, projects, friends and the collective unconscious.

In addition, reading a birth chart allows us to find fundamental aspects such as the starting point of the persons, i.e. their knowledge and baggage of past experiences, innate abilities and their comfort zone. Other important aspects are their life learning in this life, i.e. their potential to develop, as well as their vital functions, where the persons will shine, the important task to be performed, what the defence mechanisms are and what the persons will bring to people.

Also, the zodiac birth chart tells us the personality they are going to develop, the energy they are going to project and contribute to the environment, how to reach the maturity to unfold their potential, as well as the resistances to be transcended before their personality is developed.

The birth chart reading indicates what kind of seed a person is and the fruits he can develop. If someone gets to know what kind of tree he is, it will be easier for the person to nourish himself and to cope with day-to-day situations.