What is synastry?


What is a synastry chart? What is synastry couple? How to read synastry chart?

Synastry is the branch of relationships in astrology, in which you can see the relationship of a couple or any other type of relationship (friendship, family, work…) and it involves the superimposition of two charts. One inner birth chart and one outer birth chart superimposed, so we can see two superimposed charts.

Can I see in a synastry chart the birth chart compatibility of two people or their karmic aspects?

Yes, the birth chart compatibility in two people can be seen in a synastry reading. We can see how one person influences the other. There are indeed astrological aspects that indicate attraction, fluid aspects, as well as tense aspects that need to be assimilated. From the perspective of traditional astrology, karmic aspects can also be seen, people who appear to have a specific purpose with you, the so-called karmic synastry,

So what can be seen in synastry or what is it for?

The potential of synastry meaning is to understand how a person can strengthen certain spheres of our lives (especially those aspects of ourselves that we need to integrate or develop in our chart) in order to bring out the maximum potential. Also by understanding the points to work on, it is easier to understand what and how to integrate it. Understanding helps to accept, and consequently to integrate it.

How can I benefit from a synastry chart reading?

For example, I might be better to start a business with a certain person who stimulates my personality, activates my initiative, etc. Or a certain person stimulates my communication and social relations… The potential lies in knowing how each person benefits certain spheres in order to get the most out of them.

Synastry meaning in astrology is very useful to foresee which archetypes are going to be awakened in the relationship, to see possible conflicts, misunderstandings, to learn from frictions and it is even a therapeutic tool in couple relationships.