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What is BioNeuroEmotion?

BioNeuroEmotion will help you uncover the family unconscious to heal wounds, limiting programming, addressing entrenched beliefs within the family. This happens because according to psychogenealogy people often lead lives programmed by what their ancestors experienced, their unfulfilled desires, or traumatic situations that marked the family. With this technique, you can stop repeating your family history and heal your lineage.

How can I help you with a BioNeuroEmotion session?

In many families, illnesses, professions, traumas, accidents, and economic problems are repeated, and all of this has a reason. During the study of the family tree, also known as transgenerational, I will reveal the stories and mental programming that you repeat. You will have the opportunity to become aware of them to experience them differently and thus also free your family tree from their effects. Additionally, through hypnosis, we will access the unconscious to discover any emotional blockages that may be affecting your life. This process will allow you to release them, providing you with a new perspective on your reality.

I can help you address illnesses and allergies from a psychosomatic perspective. In other words, with a BioNeuroEmotion session, I can help you delve into how you’ve experienced certain events that have become entrenched in your subconscious. Through guided relaxation or applied hypnosis, we can access your unconscious to unlock and transmute those conflicts.

Is BioNeuroEmotion incompatible with other healing techniques or traditional medicine?

Not at all. BioNeuroEmotion is a complementary methodology. It just provides a perspective that you may not have considered due to your life’s circumstances.

What else can I work on with Hypnosis applied to BioNeuroEmotion?

We can work on the “project sense,” meaning we can reprogram the unconscious information you came into the world with. Your parents already had intentions for you at birth, and if this information isn’t addressed, it can dictate your life.

We can also address specific situations that may have caused trauma. These situations create emotional blocks, influencing future occurrences. By accessing these blocks, you’ll have the opportunity to experience new situations from a completely different viewpoint.

For instance, phobias are often easily resolved with hypnosis. Once the unconscious block is released, the unconscious reaction triggering the phobia disappears.

I can also help you work on your relationship with your parents. This is crucial, as most disorders and conditioning come from them. We can study and reprogram toxic relationships, conditioning, fears, and family loyalties or fidelities.

Love disorders, financial problems, or work-related loyalty issues are also common issues that can be easily addressed in a BioNeuroEmotion session.

What information do you need for a BioNeuroEmotion session?

If you want to work on the family tree, I need dates (day and month) of birth and death of relatives (up to grandparents). If dates are missing, we can work in another way.

If you only want to work on physical symptoms, there’s no need for the family tree dates.

What does this service include?

  • An online 1-hour BioNeuroEmotion session.