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Hello, I'm Oliver Fuentes, an astrologer and channeler.

In 2011, I underwent a profound personal crisis that ignited a transformative journey. Seeking solace and understanding, I immersed myself in the study of BioNeuroEmotion at Enric Corberá’s esteemed Institute. This pivotal moment propelled me to further explore the cosmic realms, leading me to pursue astrology at the prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Additionally, I’ve attained certification in Horary Charting from the School of Traditional Astrology at the Practitioners level.

Since then, my mission has been to empower individuals to unlock their true potential, gain insight into their essence, and navigate life’s complexities with clarity. Through my holistic approach, I offer tailored guidance tailored to each person’s unique circumstances and aspirations. Whether it’s illuminating the opportune moment for embarking on a new venture or deciphering the dynamics of a relationship, I provide practical solutions rooted in ancient wisdom and intuitive understanding.

Utilizing a blend of channeling, astrology, and BioNeuroEmotion, I facilitate profound self-discovery and personal growth. For those seeking predictive insights, I employ astrological techniques such as horary astrology, solar revolution/transits, and tarot readings to shed light on future possibilities.

Clients and consultees often express profound gratitude for the clarity, understanding, and self-awareness gained through our sessions. My aim is to empower individuals to embrace their journey with confidence, acceptance, and a deeper sense of purpose


Why trust me?

Through my personal journey and ongoing dedication to professional development, I’ve not only honed my expertise but also cultivated additional personal skills and a heightened sensitivity. This allows me to approach each individual’s journey with empathy and insight, plumbing the depths of the essence of their being.

My approach is centred around guiding and supporting individuals through life’s complexities, where clarity is scarce and uncertainties abound. Through our shared exploration, I facilitate an exchange of insights that can spark profound inner transformation, activating the alchemy necessary for true growth.

With years of professional experience, I’ve assisted numerous individuals in finding clarity and making informed decisions. By fostering a deeper understanding of themselves, I’ve witnessed significant improvements in their self-knowledge and self-confidence.

I urge you to embrace your journey of personal evolution and development. I offer powerful tools and guidance to illuminate the path forward during times of uncertainty. Just as others have found success under my guidance, I believe you can too.

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