Business Chart

What is a Business Chart?

The Business or Entrepreneurship Chart is like the birth chart of your business or project. It holds key insights about your venture.

How can I help you with your Business or Entrepreneurship Chart?

Business Astrology can help you determine the type of business that aligns with your interests, identify your strengths and capabilities, and clarify what you aim to achieve and how. Your birth chart will also guide us in exploring the opportunities available to you.

What are the benefits of having a Business Chart?

For entrepreneurs, it provides a deeper understanding of their business operations, including finances,  individual strengths, expansion plans, advertising strategies, employee management and communication styles. .It helps detect potential conflicts within the company and highlights its strengths and weaknesses. You can also gain insights into trends in contractual relationships, partnerships, and foreign investments.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, it helps understand their project, strengths, weaknesses, and how to effectively manage them. It also helps determine if a project is compatible with their goals and aspirations.

What insights does Business Astrology offer?

Business Astrology provides comprehensive information about various aspects of a company, including its finances, profits and losses, communication strategies, marketing efforts, physical location, investments, workforce, contracts, partnerships, taxes, and social impact. It helps understand the company’s goals, activities, and even the presence of any underground economy.

You can also gain insights into the dynamics among different stakeholders in the company. It reveals how various factors interact, either facilitating or hindering business operations. You can identify areas of potential growth, as well as strengths and weaknesses within the company. You’ll gain a broader perspective on how your company operates and become aware of areas that require attention. For instance, the business chart may reveal tension between your employees and financial matters, while the planetary influences may offer clues on resolving the conflict.

I will provide both general and specific feedback on areas that may be lacking elements or balance. This will enable you to identify potential issues or gaps and determine effective solutions.

Can I get a forecast for my company?

Absolutely! By analysing transits, you can anticipate the phases your company is going through and predict its future trajectory. This includes understanding the energies influencing different aspects of your business and how they’ll play out over time. For example, you can determine if certain periods are favourable for exports or if it’s an opportune time for new contracts and business agreements. Not only that, but also identifying opportune times to hire employees or launch advertising campaigns.

What information do you need for a Business chart reading?

I need your date, place and time of birth and date, place and time when you started or launched your business.

What does this service include?

  • A comprehensive 1-hour online interpretation session.
  • The graphic image of the astrological maps used.
  • An audio recording of the consultation for your reference and repeated listening, allowing you to revisit insights at your convenience