Synastry and Composite Chart

What is a Synastry and Composite Chart?

A Synastry and Composite Chart provides insights into the dynamics of your relationships with others. It helps you understand the nature of your connection and how your interactions are shaped. With this chart, you can determine if a partner, family member, or friend would make a good business collaborator. It also reveals the level of compatibility and connection you share with someone, along with strategies to manage conflicts in a healthier way.

How can I help you with a Synastry and Composite Chart analysis?

Through this technique, I’ll explain how a specific person influences you, what dynamics they bring into your life, and why some relationships are smoother than others. You’ll learn if someone is an ideal match for you or if there are individuals who resonate better with your energy. I’ll provide personalized strategies to help you navigate conflicts in your relationships effectively.

Is Synastry and Composite Charting only for couples?

No, this technique is beneficial for understanding the dynamics between any two individuals, whether they’re family members, friends, or professional partners. It allows you to pinpoint what drives each person in the relationship, identify common interests, and address any areas of discord.

Are you curious about your relationship compatibility?

Through Synastry and Composite Chart analysis, I help you understand your relationships better. You’ll find out if your connection with someone has a deeper, karmic aspect, or if there’s a shared purpose or potential for collaboration. We’ll explore the strengths that contribute to personal growth in your relationship. This tool offers a comprehensive view of relationship dynamics, empowering you to make informed choices and grow together.

Are you wondering how relationships impact you?

By studying Synastry and Composite Charts, you’ll uncover how someone might be triggering aspects of your personality that you’ve overlooked or pushed aside. This can highlight areas for personal growth and integration, leading to a more fulfilling relationship.

You can also see the potential of the partnership, in which areas of life they may have a greater impact, where the other person can help you develop certain aspects of your life that you haven’t developed. You can also see if a person in general can contribute a lot to you or, on the contrary, can pose a challenge or there may be no affinity.

The advantage of having a synastry and composite charts reading is that it can be a valuable tools for considering entering into a new relationship or evaluating an existing one. By consulting these charts, you can gain insights into compatibility, recognize red flags, and make informed decisions about your relationships. So you can determine whether a particular person (for example, as a business partner or employee) aligns with your interests.

What information do you need for a synastry and composite chart?

I need the dates, places and times of birth of both partners.

What does this service include?

  • A comprehensive 1-hour online interpretation session.
  • The graphic image of the astrological maps used.
  • An audio recording of the consultation for your reference and repeated listening, allowing you to revisit insights at your convenience.