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Are you feeling disorientated in your life?
Do you need help to build up your self-esteem?


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I help you find your life purpose, discover your skills and shape the plan that leads you to the best version of yourself

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Do you want answers from your spiritual guides?

If you’re feeling lost, unsure about what you should do, or need to focus and centre on what you came here to do, then channeling can help you.


Do you want to understand your life roadmap?

Astrology helps you grasp the keys to your personality and thus know yourself better. It also brings clarity about the everyday experiences you go through

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Do you want to stop repeating your family’s history?

Many families repeat illnesses, professions, traumas, accidents, financial problems, absent parents and all of this has a reason.

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Collaborating with Oliver provides me with invaluable guidance across various aspects of my life. Through his Translation of Light sessions, whether conducted individually or in groups, I gain insight into the subconscious realms and learn to approach life events with a sense of responsibility and openness to learning. This grants me profound clarity and bolsters my confidence in navigating life's processes and making decisions.

Oliver's professionalism shines through in his ability to seamlessly blend sensitivity with technical expertise. His sessions are characterized by a simplicity and organization that make the integration of information and its practical application incredibly accessible. I have complete trust in Oliver's abilities and wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation