Channeling spirit guides as a path to personal growth

Connecting with spirit guides through a Q&A channel can be a very effective path to personal growth. Why? Mainly because spirit guides know and understand the situation the person is living. They are aware of the moment the person is experiencing and know how to adapt to the needs of the moment. In other words, they will not overdo the information they provide. This is one of the basis that makes learning respectful according to the learning pace of each person. Here there is no egoic personality (the interference of the third party), since in channelling there is no room for this.

Moreover, the learning process will be determined by the individual. In other words, each person will learn according to his/her level. This means that no information is given unless the person is ready to take it. It is worth mentioning that in a channeling process everything starts with the person’s own questioning, his/her questions. That is the starting point from which the information is obtained.

It is also noteworthy that the information has the frequency that the person is ready to assimilate. In other words, the information and the words have a resonance. This resonance is transmitted with the information that is given. This helps in the process of integration, of personal maturation.

There are moments when the person is not ready to assimilate certain information, and it is important to respect this process. Basically this means that when channelling there is no interference and the path the person follows is authentic, respectful and congruent.

Working with spirit guides can be very helpful, easy, direct, practical and enriching. It is clear that this tool and this information is for people who are willing to hear and integrate certain information. A certain humility is also required, as there are many prejudices and some people are not ready to accept certain premises that would be a threat to their mental frameworks.

Hopefully this post will provide greater clarity as to what can be obtained from a channeling and how it can be used to best advantage.

The guides.

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