Solar Return

What is a Solar Return chart?

A Solar Return chart marks the beginning of your birthday year and guides you throughout the following twelve months. This ancient method predicts the energies that will shape your year, giving you a clear direction for the months ahead. It’s like having a compass to navigate the upcoming year with confidence and insight.

How can I help you with your Solar Return analysis?

‘ll conduct a thorough examination of your Solar Return, helping you understand the overall theme of the year, identifying key areas of focus, and highlighting significant events. Together, we’ll explore your emotional landscape and anticipate moments of personal growth. I’ll also pinpoint specific months in which you will experience the impact of the stars, when specific moments that favour personal issues (such as work, partner and friends) will be activated and what personal work life is inviting you to experience, offering guidance for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

Are you interested in knowing what the future holds?

My approach combines psychological-evolutionary astrology with planetary transit analysis, providing a comprehensive forecast of the year ahead. By interpreting the archetypes at play, I’ll help you understand the underlying energies, empowering you to approach the year with clarity and consciousness. You will be able to gain insight into what lies ahead, resolve uncertainties, and prepare proactively for the journey ahead.

Would you like to know what events are in store for you in the coming year and anticipate the circumstances to take advantage of the most propitious time for your goals?

With Solar Return analysis, I help you explore what’s ahead in the coming year. This detailed review uncovers ideal times for starting projects, growing personally, or strengthening family bonds.This way, you’ll gain valuable insights to align with the energy of the moment.

For example, the solar return can offer some guidance on your your career planning, including career opportunities, job changes, and challenges, promotions and entrepreneurial endeavours in the upcoming year.

Solar returns can also can shed light on relationship dynamics, family, business and potential partners in the coming year. How they are likely to manifest and how they might impact you. Or financial matters, including income potential, investment opportunities, and potential expenses as well.

Using this tool, I’ll not only tell you when it’s a good time to pursue your goals but also explain why. You’ll gain clarity about your current life situation and what’s coming up next. By addressing any uncertainties, you can prepare effectively for whatever the future brings.

What information do you need for a solar return chart?

Simply provide your date, place, and time of birth and the location where you plan to celebrate your birthday

What does this service include?

  • A comprehensive 1-hour online interpretation session.
  • A visual representation of your solar return, showcasing planetary positions at the time of your birth.
  • An audio recording of the consultation for your reference and repeated listening, allowing you to revisit insights at your convenience.