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What is Translation of Light?

Translation of Light is a channelling technique tapping into the wisdom of spirit guides. But what exactly is channelling? It’s the process of receiving information from these guides. As a channeller, I close my eyes, establish a connection with these guides, and convey their responses to your queries. Spirit guides possess profound insights into life’s experiences, understanding not only the situation at hand but also the deeper lessons behind them

How can I help you with Translation of Light?

Using this technique, I act as a conduit for you to seek guidance on various aspects of your life. Whether it’s about your career, life purpose, personal growth, relationship challenges, or family dynamics, I can provide insights based on the information transmitted to me.

Are you seeking answers from your spirit guides?

If you’re feeling lost, uncertain about your path, or in need of clarity, channelling with your spirit guides can offer invaluable guidance tailored to your needs. They possess deep insight into the context of your life, requiring minimal details to offer guidance. Understanding that every situation holds meaning for your personal growth, they provide the information you need to navigate your current experiences. Spirit guides are specific and direct when answering your questions, providing relevant advice customized to your questions. They empower you to become more aware of your circumstances without imposing judgment, facilitating emotional recognition and integration

Are you wondering what questions to ask your spirit guides?

Any inquiry aimed at learning and growth is valuable. Whether it’s about your career, relationships, or personal development, they’re ready to provide guidance. Here are some examples to inspire you in exploring your current situation.

  • What sense does my romantic relationship make?
  • What purpose does my job serve?
  • What’s happening with my relationship with my mother?
  • What unconscious aspects are triggering fear or insecurity in …?
  • What perspective does this job offer?
  • What do the guides recommend I do …?
  • What’s my current situation regarding …?
  • Where can I focus to confront or improve this situation …?
  • What self-deceptions exist in my romantic relationship?
  • Etc

Is there anything I recommend you before a session?

Yes, I recommend you to question your life and to list questions from a self-questioning perspective. That is, questioning that you might be wrong with your perception about the reality. Then the best way to ask woud be: “what can I learn from this situation” or “what options do I have in my work career” rather than asking “will I get this job” without questioning how you can develop a new one.

What information do you need for a channelling session?

I need you to have the questions you want to ask in mind for the session.

What does this service include?

  • An online channeling session lasting up to 60 minutes.
  • An audio recording of the channelling session for your reference and repeated listening, allowing you to revisit insights at your convenience.