Venus direct and Mercury trines Jupiter

Venus has been stationary for a few days and September 4th goes into direct mode. This means that it is time to become aware of how to materialise changes regarding relationship with oneself and others. After having been retrograde in Leo, there has been a process of enquiry of oneself, of what I want to express and live in the relationship. Venus is renewed and wants to express herself. It is time to express our affective needs, our values and not to be afraid of them. There might also a personal appreciation of our economy, so aesthetic, authentic and personal self-expression may also be more active. It is a time to shine through what you like even though the rest of the planets are retrograde. It is also useful to analyse what happened 8 years ago, as now you may be repeating themes and become aware with Venus direct. What is it that you repressed 8 years ago?

Mercury retrograde at this time will make a fluid aspect with Jupiter on September 4th, just one day before its retrograde. So there can be a broadening of vision, introspection, reconsideration of the future. of ideas, strategies, planning. Perhaps new ideas will appear, an inner vision of what is the right path to follow. Some ideas with a broader goal might come up. There may also be a kind of inspiration of what inner life path needs to be considered. It seems to be a time of retrospection to readjust in communication with others. Perhaps these days a more experienced person will appear, we might learn from a teacher or we will find books/publications that can help us.