Free will and fate

As for fate and free will, we think we have much choice and that we can choose the direction of our lives. Most people think that our family plays a key role in our personality and how we regard the members of our family. However, as our birth chart reveals, these patterns and energies have been previously established. For example, if a person has Neptune in the 10th house it may indicate that someone will have a mother with a Neptunian archetype, that is, whose limits are not clear and might live for and through others. And all this just after the baby is born. This simple example of the birth chart reveals that the archetypes and fate are predetermined. The different kind of experiences, the family, the kind of the relationships the person will have and so on.

Considering how much room we feel there is for adjusting and changing outcomes, I personally consider that it depends on the person’s consciousness and personal work the person has done to digest and evolve through his personal life. Following the studies of a Course in Miracles, everything has already been established, and our only “free will” (which does not even depend on ourselves) is whether we approach life from the ego perspective (the false image of ourselves who thinks that we are independent from the original source) or from the spirit (which is our real identity). All this means that we can only chose how we experience things, accepting and letting things unfold or making efforts and wanting this to be the way we like.

Therefore, astrology and transits would explain what energies and transits affect us, and then, depending on the person’s consciousness and election (the spirit or the ego), we would experience how the energies would affect us. It is essential for us to understand this, not only theoretically but also in practice, then we can save much pain, effort and time, since we would not be blinded trying to change situations and shape them to meet our expectations. It might sound simple, but this is the reason why we suffer, we want things to be the way we like, we do not accept the spirit’s will and this is the life we have, the eternal fight we experience trying the make the unreal real, fighting against the divine source. I regard astrology as the path towards the undoing of the unreal, each transit moves us as closer towards the source, for instance, we can meet a person who confronts our limiting beliefs about ourselves or we can suffer a disease that forces us to reverse our beliefs and attitude towards life.

As far as I am concerned, astrology is a powerful tool which can enable us to foresee the energies that will be activated during a certain transit. It is not about expecting the worst to happen, since the transit will indicate what we need to learn from it and how we can use that activation in our own benefit.

In my humble opinion, the personal works does not consist of mitigating, adjusting or influencing the situation, but of observing and questioning our lives, taking the plunge to remove the old patterns (which might involve deep personal changes such as work, family, friends, residence…) and accepting the new situation. Astrologers know that under certain transits changes are compulsory and unavoidable. Therefore, my approach and suggestion is to use this valuable knowledge in our customer’s own benefit, we have the power to counsel the customers and help them to both discover and go with them through the required changes and processes, which by hook or by crook are meant to happen.