How can we treat allergies?

Allergies are a hypersensitivity to a particle that is inhaled, ingested or touched and produces characteristic symptoms. But why does this hypersensitivity occur?

At one point in our lives we have suffered an unexpected emotional shock in isolation with no solution at the time. We were not able to manage this emotional impact consciously and our unconscious manages it to protect us. What happens then? Well, by repression, our source of destabilisation has been displaced by projection onto a peripheral and previously neutral element: the allergen.

Clinical case

A 35-year-old woman has been allergic to cats for two years. We have access to her unconscious and study what happens the first time she has the allergy. That day she had been talking to someone about her partner and she felt unprotected. She unconsciously projected this conflict of unprotection onto cat hair (the cat for our unconscious represents independence, and therefore, the distance or coldness that the client felt towards her partner).

This allergy was programmed at that time, but this conflict of lack of protection had been programmed beforehand. The woman had been feeling a conflict of lack of protection towards her father since she was a child. She had been looking for the recognition and affection that he had not given her.

Through hypnosis and NLP we could change the emotion. The client felt strong and no longer needed the father’s recognition. I checked with hypnosis if there was an allergy to cats and the situation completely changed.

Our unconscious is irrational, so it often surprises us how it handles the situation. However, it does not always protect us in the way we may wish.

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