What is a solar return chart?

The Solar Return is a chart of the position of the planets at a particular time, just at the moment when the Sun returns to the exact same degree at which a person was born, so the planetary position of the Sun is the same as the date of birth. This chart is valid for one year (until the next birthday) and contains a lot of valuable information.

How to read a solar return chart?

The solar revolution chart is used to understand and interpret the most active energies during a particular year. You can see which psychological processes the person will experience, which archetypes will be most active, in which spheres of life they will manifest. You can also interpret the ascendant and see in what general way the person is going to live that year, how he or she is going to approach it, the rhythm he or she is going to live. Sometimes there are years of transition, of rest, of crisis to prepare for an important change. All this can be interpreted in the solar revolution.

A solar return reading helps the person prepare and become aware of the energies that are going to arrive, as well as possible events. This predictive astrological tools helps the person to accept the situation, to understand the process and to be more congruent with what is going to happen. A solar revolution reading brings a lot of clarity and understanding of what is happening. It also helps to give perspective to the process the person is going through. You can see exact dates when certain aspects are activated. It is not possible to predict exactly how the person will experience, but the background of what they will experience is possible to foresee.

How can the solar retunr be calculated?

The astrological birthday can be calculated by means of computer programmes.

When is reccomended to have a solar return reading?

There is really no ideal time. Although it is true that a month before the birthday, the person can already begin to be receptive to the energies that are being mobilised. Therefore, if the reading is done then, there will surely be a recognition of the information that is being exposed. If it is done after the birthday, the person will have already started the process and will be immersed in it. Therefore, I personally consider the moment to have the solar revolution reading is a personal decision. I would recommend a range from a month before the birthday to a month after the birthday.

What information do I need to have a solar return reading?

The data needed for the solar revolution are the date, time, place of birth and place of usual residence.

Should I be afraid of the solar revolution?

No. The solar return interpreation brings understanding and clarity. The opposite of fear. It is also important the level of sensitivity of the astrologer to deal delicately with certain subjects that may be sensitive. My way of working when I do solar revolution readings is to accompany the client with his/her process.

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