Partial solar eclipse 25 October

This solar eclipse is calling for a death to begin a change.

What is it about? It is very much about one’s values, self-esteem, financial resources and relationships that need a drastic transformation. It can be a painful, confronting time or stage where deep fears surface. Detachment has to be experienced and an egoic part feels that something is dying. There can be a lot of resistance to change, but it is a time to live this transformation.

It is also a time where one can be empowered after the transformation in the sense of renewed strength and determination to live the bonds and values in a new way.

If you look at where your 2nd degree of Scorpio falls in the natal chart, you can see in which sphere of life this eclipse will affect. (see the video below to check according to your ascendant, how it will affect you)

If you have planets near the 2nd degree of Scorpio this eclipse will affect you more. Also the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will notice this eclipse more than the other signs.

The continents where this eclipse will be strongest are Europe and Asia. So watch out for events. On a mundane level, diplomatic agreements, the financial system, economic resources and peace can be affected.

If you want more information about eclipse, you can see this video on Youtube (you can use the Automatic Subtitles option)