Message from the spirit guides. The evasion of energetic space

Today the spirit guides spoke to me about the importance of energetically occupying space. That is, how sometimes unconscious defence mechanisms are activated in order to avoid reality and not to face situations that might be unpleasant. Also in order not to confront certain relationships or to be realistic about what a person is experiencing.

What happens when using this avoidance mechanism by not energetically occupying the space is that it can affect many aspects. It would be a way of not inhabiting the body, not connecting with it. Also not having a relationship, not being recognised or seen by others, not having an economy, etc… It could be a way of evicting oneself on a symbolic level. The implications can be considerable, what happens is that if the causes are not accessed and worked on, there will be no change.

The work starts with awareness, occupying the energetic space and taking action.

Through the Light Translation Technique you can work on these or other mechanisms, asking practical exercises on how to work on them or asking other questions to detect unconscious aspects.