Inner child wounds and the inner child

We believe we are masters of our lives, but we are conditioned by unconscious aspects. These aspects are often related to childhood wounds or the wounded inner child. The wounded inner child conditions us in our life, our relationships, our work. If the wounds are not healed, we repeat the programming of abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal and injustice, known as the 5 childhood wounds. In other words, we continue to recreate situations of abandonment or rejection, for example.

How to heal or work on the inner child?

There are several exercises to heal the inner child. From visualising photographs when we were a child or a baby. Letting oneself feel and connect with vulnerability: What is it that I didn’t let myself feel? What did I need and didn’t give myself? What would I say to my inner child as an adult today?

There is also the option of writing a letter to the inner child. In this letter we can express what we feel towards him/her, we can commit ourselves to take care of him/her, to support him/her, to give him/her emotionally what he/she needs. In short, to take care of him/her. Also, if we feel it, we can express how we have lived all this time, how from our adult perspective we can comfort him/her so that he/she feels protected.

From an astrological perspective, studying the Moon can provide useful information to work on the inner child. By studying the Moon, the Moon sign and the aspects that a particular Moon receives in the birth chart, it can help to delve deeper into the defence mechanisms that the person uses to protect him/herself from emotional wounds. It also helps to study in which fields the defence mechanisms or the emotional needs manifest themselves most clearly, as well as what the persons needs emotionally to feel nourished. So, the astrological perspective would be another way to heal the inner child.

Questions you can ask yourself to heal your inner child

Have you dared to listen to the cries, the pain, the suffering, have you dared to feel that suffering, that pain that haunts you? This part is usually the most complicated and the most painful, precisely because of the resistance to connect with the pain. But connecting with it and releasing it is the way to heal it.

Have you dared to look at your child? What emotions does he/she arouse in you? What would you like to tell him/her? What is it that you have never expressed to him/her? What does he/she need? How has he/she felt?


All this work involves emotional development. Initially it is not easy, because of the resistance to connect with the pain. Later the work gets better and better. However, it requires trust, patience, time, attention and a lot of perseverance.

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