How to ask spirit guides?

In this post I will explain how to approach questions to guides in order to get information in the right way.

Spirit guides give information that the person is ready to understand and integrate, so it is very important the receptivity of the person, the moment they are in, the learning they have to do. Their focus is to help us in our personal growth and their messages are appropriate for our present moment. Guides do not usually give information that is counterproductive to a person’s learning. For example, if a person needs to experience a temporary relationship in order to learn certain aspects, the guides will probably not say that this relationship will not work, but that the information will be focused so that the person can realise those teachings.

What is the best way to ask questions?

First of all, ask from honesty and personal questioning of what is happening to the person. Try not to deceive yourself with questions that carry an implicit statement that assumes that certain information will remain the same in the future. For example: What will happen in 6 months with my partner? Maybe in 6 months you will no longer be in a relationship and it might be more effective to ask about what is happening now. Do I really want to learn about what is happening to me now or do I prefer to distract myself with questions about the future? That might be the first interesting approach.

The intention of the questioning is very important, as it sends the signal that you want to get information. That is when the guides act, when there is already a genuine intention to want to know information. Therefore, asking a list of questions focused on the present, reflecting on or questioning self-deceptions, would be interesting.

Secondly, the more specific the question, the more information is obtained. It is important to cross-examine or ask more specific questions when the guides respond if you want to go deeper. Again, the higher the level of intention and responsiveness, the more information you will receive.

What type of questions would be advisable?

Questions along the lines of:

  • What is currently happening with…?
  • What unconscious aspects are operating in…?
  • What can I learn from…?
  • What do the guides recommend for me ….?
  • What message do the guides have for me?
  • How can I improve…?
  • What learning is there in …?
  • What is the meaning of this situation I am in regarding …?
  • What might be hindering my abundance/relationship/…?

How can I contact spirit guides?

Signs or messages from guides can come in many forms. From people giving answers to our concerns, posts we read on the internet, books we are reading, advertisements or posters. It is a matter of being receptive to see where the answers come from.

You can also ask questions mentally and then be attentive to a thought, image or response from the outside. Intuition is another way in which spirit guides often communicate, so tuning into our inner reference is essential.

Obviously in a Translation of Light© channeling session the amount of information obtained is much greater, as a question-answer dialogue is established in which the channeler will give direct answers to the questions.

What do I recommend before doing a channeling session with spirit guides?

Before the session, it would be advisable for the person to do some preliminary work, asking themselves what they want to ask and making a list of the questions they want to ask. In this way, he or she commits to obtaining information and avoids forgetting to ask certain questions. This does not mean that you cannot ask questions after getting answers from the guides.

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