Why study the family tree?

The family tree is a treasure trove. You can find a lot of family loyalties and unconscious programming that repeats itself generation after generation until you become aware of it and can start to decode it.

What does it mean that programming repeats itself?

It means that those important events that marked the family, as well as family beliefs are imprinted or stored until someone becomes aware of them. The same history keeps repeating itself until someone releases the unconscious. We are talking about accidents, illnesses, limiting beliefs, death experiences, abuse (among others).

How can you work on your family tree?

By compiling the dates of birth and death of family members (day and month) of the first two generations, it would be enough to work on the family tree. From there, in a mathematical way, you can see the direct relationships with those relatives with whom the unconscious programming is repeated. By paying attention, we can pull the thread to reveal what this programming consists of.

What can I do after I study the family tree?

In my BioNeuroEmotion© sessions, I do a kind of conscious relaxation in order to access the unconscious and release the emotional blockage. Once this work is done, the person will then need to reprogram the unconscious, paying attention to their thoughts and attitudes. But it will no longer be automated as before. However, the work will continue.

If you are interested, you can arrange a session for the study of the family tree with me: