Business astrology and entrepreneurs

Did you know that companies also have a birth chart?

We can obtain a birth chart  of the moment when a company or any entrepreneurial project is founded.


How can I benefit from business astrology?

If you own a company it can help you to understand your company in greater depth. To know how your departments work (economy, expansion, advertising, employees…). To detect where there are problems in the company, which departments may be in conflict. To know what the company’s strengths are.

And if you are an entrepreneur, you can understand your project, your strengths, weaknesses and how to manage them.


What else can I learn from a business chart?

The business birth chart contains  complete information about  the company itself, the economy, profits and losses, communications, advertising, the physical location of the company, investments, employees, contracts, partners, taxation, mortgages, export and import, social projection, the company’s activity, objectives and the underground economy.

It is possible to understand how the different elements in a company are. What aspects stimulate each other in a beneficial way, what aspects hinder or imply more effort or learning at the entrepreneurial level. It is also possible to see if there is some potential for development, strengths and weaknesses.


What applications does business astrology have?

In addition to the business chart, we can study the astrological transits on the business chart to understand what the company is going through or to foresee how it is going to evolve in a given period of time. That is to say, which energies will be influencing certain spheres of a company and how they will affect the company.

It is also possible to study when to start a business, which is the most suitable time to found a company, make investments, hire personnel or carry out advertising campaigns.

Another application would be to study the birth chart of some candidates to see if the position and the moment for their incorporation is advisable. There are people who resonate with a particular company or department, a particular candidate can be the most beneficial to the company (this can be seen by studying the combination of the person’s planetary aspects with those of the company chart).

Not only companies can benefit from business astrology, but also all entrepreneurs who want to start a business.

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