Jupiter enters Aries on 20th December 2022

Jupiter will no longer return to Pisces and begins its journey through the zodiac for another 12 years. It begins a cycle in which one begins to have greater wisdom after having been inspired with the plan that orders life. Inspiration now comes to the moment of materialisation and action. You may be in a hurry to carry out your actions, you may believe you have the maturity and experience to carry out the vision you have. However, you may fall into the typical Aries mistakes of improvisation and impatience. It is time to learn from your mistakes, to personalise your learning, to trust yourself and your convictions (despite perhaps losing some objectivity and dreaming too high). The key will be to see how others react, to focus on inner confidence.

There will probably be a lot of one’s own energy at one’s disposal and as one wants to embrace many aspects, to move forward in one’s personal projects. Jupiter’s dipositor is retrograde, so it will still be necessary to review, reconsider, recalibrate actions and the moment of the most important advance and expansion promised by Jupiter will not yet materialize 100%.

Some people may fall into arrogance or personal illusions far removed from reality, or in wanting to take more risks than is advisable.

It could also be indicating a time of embodiment of accumulated learning. You may feel that you can integrate the knowledge or externalise some religion or philosophy that you have been following lately. It is a time of very particular vision where each person will be able to connect with their personal purpose as well.

Aries is also linked to violence, so there could be some conflict if you are very closed with your way of seeing ideas. Interestingly, in Spain there is a conflict between the government and the Constitutional Court, as Jupiter also represents the judiciary. On a personal level, one may perhaps feel more violated by the laws and the government.

Jupiter will be in Aries for a short time (compared to other signs), until the 16th of May 2023. So this energy of optimism, confidence and expansion will be available during this time. However, from January 12 onwards, with Mars direct, a more active energy will become available, which will help especially in initiating action, exploration and entrepreneurship.

People with the Sun, Ascendant or Moon in Aries will perceive this transit the most. On a personal level, it is also interesting to see in which houses you have the sign of Aries, because that is where you will experience this expansion, confidence and new experiences.