Saturn represents the part of mastery. The point of pain, fear and ego defence. It is a revealing point in the sense that once the defence of the ego structure falls away, abilities emerge that make one skilled. What happens is that there is a lot of resistance to letting go of this structure, so that one often lives from limitation, scarcity, insecurity.

It usually takes a lot of time, effort, perseverance to work the Saturn and give it a use. Sometimes a whole life. There are people who do not approach Saturn from learning, but from irresponsibility and do not learn to make the most of it.

Saturn also represents our ability and that which we can teach, it would be like a mastery that we have come to develop.

Depending on where Saturn is, in which house and in which sign, it has one meaning or another.

Where you have your Saturn, have you worked your Saturn, what is your learning?

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