The Lunar Nodes

1. What are the lunar nodes in astrology?

The lunar nodes are points of intersection between the ecliptic of the Sun and the Moon. In fact, all the planets intersect the ecliptic at some point, but this point is the most important because it is related to our everyday life and our feelings.

It is an axis with two points, the north node and the south node. The two work in a complementary way.


2. What are the North Node and South Node meaning in astrology?

In astrology these points have important information as they speak of the life path, life purpose or destiny. From a karmic point of view (depending on one’s philosophy), the South Node in astrology would speak of past life information. What we bring from past experiences that are conditioning our present experience. From another point of view one could consider that the South Node speaks of our baggage, what we have learned, what we are good at or our abilities. A habitual tendency we have recorded as familiar. It may be about what has come easy to us. The downside is also that it could be talking about the comfort zone, what we don’t want to let go of.

The North Node, also known as the head of the dragon, represents our point of evolution, our development. That which we are called to learn. It is a point where the unknown opens the way. From the perspective of karmic astrology it is our destiny, experiences that we are bound to live through. It can be uncomfortable because it confronts our personality or ego, but it is an important learning point.


3. What do Nodal axis transits indicate?

The transits of the nodal axis indicate those points of evolution of the person, those aspects that are going to be released and that in turn are going to be integrated. When the nodal axis makes aspects with personal planets, there can be significant experiences of change, of loss, of developmental encounters. The tests that life has prepared for us can be given and the potential of each person’s chart can be tested.


4. What is the cycle of the nodal axis?

The nodal axis takes approximately 19 years to give a complete cycle to our entire chart. The axis takes approximately 19 months to cycle through a complete sign, and approximately 19 days to cycle through a degree. Therefore, similar experiences or experiences with similar backgrounds may occur every 19 years.


5. Why is it important to study the Nodal axis?

On the one hand to know what I have come to learn, what are some of my abilities, what are my challenges for my evolution. On the other hand to understand what challenge life is presenting to me now, what aspects I am called to develop at a certain moment.


6. In 2023 the Nodes change to the Aries-Libra axis. What is going to happen?

Indeed, on the 18th of July the nodes will enter the Aries-Libra axis. This means that our development through relationships will be strongly activated. The important thing will be to see what aspects of the relationship I need to let go of, it could be that these are no longer healthy attitudes, outdated ways of relating and having to find a new way of being a person, more authentic and connected with the personal part of each one of us. It will probably be a time when people are more aware of projections, that when they relate to each other, they are looking more at themselves than at others. It is therefore a favourable period to get to know each other better through each other. Evidently, depending on the specific houses of your birth chart in which the nodes transit, it will affect you in one way or another.


7. What can I see about the Nodes in an astrological reading?

By analysing the aspects, elements, modes, lunar nodes in the astrological houses, the ruler of the nodes, a lot of information can be obtained. The lunar nodes in synastry also speak of the purpose of the relationship, the potential, the important aspects to let go of, the points left pending from other experiences… We can analyse the north node love in synastry as well, which is an important point

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