Why do my eyes change colour and sometimes they can look greener?

Message from the guides

When your eyes change and look greener that is related to the part of the essence, when you are connected to your more inner, emotional part, an unrecognised part of you. That is when that essence manifests itself. When you are more with the brown colour, you are emotionally closed off, with your part of control. On the other hand, the other part is more when an absence of personality is taking place and your closer part to reality emerges. That’s talking about how you allow a part of yourself to emerge that lets itself be felt, that lets itself flow and it’s a part that is closer to authenticity. That’s why the colour of the eyes varies. That comes out as a contrast of which moment you are in, when you are more with a part of you that is very easy to perceive, because it is a very visible part. You are in a part that is close to manifesting that essence of you from a lack of personality interference. When your eyes change to green, you can perceive how you feel, it is a moment when you are getting closer to what you have come here to do and that is one of the clues that you can take into account to know how you are in each moment. Which part is more authentic and which part is not.