The Exclusion

The exclusion has its origin in an intimate, original sphere. That is to say, in the moment of departure before living this personal experience on the earthly plane. Exclusion starts from the denial of what one is, of one’s own personal recognition. Often a person remains on this mental plane and can mentally repeat the information again and again, but without realising about the importance of exclusion on an emotional level. Exclusion means not been aware of living fully and displacing emotionally what one is, with the subsequent consequences.

In other words, the person will blame others, external factor or society e.g. his or her family environment. Perhaps as a child he or she was excluded from the family or school. But this was obviously not the origin. This was the consequence.

If a person does not become aware of his/her own exclusion, of how he/she refused to recognise himself emotionally, then all kinds of experiences whit the common denominator of exclusion will constantly be recreated in his or her life. Consciously or unconsciously, the person will exclude others, the partner, abundance… In other words, they will not give their partner, family, friends the place that corresponds to them. There will be a disorder in their lives because they will not recognise and prioritise what belongs to them. They will not have a functional job, a functional economy, functional personal, family or partner relationships.

Many people and groups live immersed in this personal exclusion, even within a social exclusion. They live it unconsciously and recreate it, perhaps they identify themselves with it so much that they have never questioned that they can be something different to this exclusion. Perhaps they end up projecting the discomfort of not recognising themselves and accuse society of being responsible for their discrimination, of not being recognised, of not having their rights …

The key will be to become aware of this exclusion on a systemic, emotional and deep mental level. The key will be to make that click. What happens is that this click needs a process. The mind needs to gradually deepen onto its understanding of the magnitude of the exclusion, layer by layer, in order to undo the displacement that the exclusion represents.

For this reason, if one is not ready to become aware on one’s own, I recommend a session of Light Translation or BioNeuroEmotion to deepen onto this process.